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Great things are afoot for 2013, a Brocante a Easter, now a British butcher is bringing his specialist wares to the Var – gammon joints, and pork with crackling which expats miss, plus of course typical pork sausages – there is also a curry sauce vendor now making the rounds of several local markets, to mention all the Rugby news - will Toulon, new home of Jonny Wilkinson, and numerous other great British players - make it to the final of the Heineken Cup, and after all their travails triumph at last with some silver? Follow the Rugby new, Sailing news and loads of other articles about Life in the Var.

Internet subscription
NOW the VAR VILLAGE VOICE is available via  Internet, at the low subscription rate of €20 euros. One needs broadband to receive this, but it is invaluable to many of the VVV's overseas readers and subscribers.

You can Watch a YouTube video of VVV’s visit to the Le Cannet Airshow in 2011 by going to Youtube "Var Village Voice mid summer 2011" or by clicking on this link. And Var Village Voice readers will again be visiting the Le Cannet Airshow in July 2013, join in.

Rental villas
The VVV website now carries a comprehensive rental accommodation listing covering the Var. Listing on the VVV Website is FREE to subscribers. And page hits for the Rental pages increase all the time, in part due to fact that articles by the Editor, Anita Rieu-Sicart, appear regularly on the Expat pages of the London DAILY TELEGRAPH, thus increasing throughput to the site. Of the 3446 VVV website pages viewed in the first six weeks of 2013, for example, the villa rental page was the second most popular, at over 2060. Visitor statistics for several years are avalable to view via the link at the foot of the page.

In addition Anita Rieu-Sicart contributes regularly to the hugely successful and world wide circulated American website Her lates article on ”OPERA IN THE SOUTH OF FRANCE” is appearing in their Spring 2013 issue.

Naturally articles in this American website attract even more readers to the website, and its VILLA RENTAL pages.

Recent changes have included adding colour pages and colour advertising, the better to accommodate all the range and diversity of events that happen in the Var - art, music, village festivities - throughout the year.

VVV subscribers and members of other local Clubs & Assocations use the VVV Jazz Attic for a monthly Library, with coffee, snacks, and chats about books.

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Feature articles
Recent feature articles include Boar hunting in the Var, Rugby News, et al. plus several on topical legal and financial aspects of living in France .

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Art shows
Le Roy paintingArt Shows are now a regular occurrence VVV JAZZ ATTIC, located at the VVV's headquarters, buried in the countryside. This followed on from the art show held a couple of years ago for artist Jonathan Brown, displaying his very original works. To see some of those works just follow the link from his website at: to Anita's Jazz Attic.

Now Art Shows are held in the Jazz Attic, featuring original art from the years 1900 - around 1950, featuring different artists, different styles, at low to reasonable prices, many of which find happy buyers, for example a Le Roy painting that sold recently.

In addition subscribers and members of other local Clubs & Assocations use the Jazz Attic for a monthly Library, with coffee, snacks, and chats about books.

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